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What Is Considered ‘Reckless Driving’ in Utah?

When you get behind the wheel of a car, you assume a responsibility to drive with caution and obey traffic laws.  If you violate these responsibilities, you may face penalties, license suspensions, and even jail time. Of course, though the broad responsibility to drive responsibly […]

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Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance to Ride a Motorcycle in Utah?

With its gently rolling hills and beautiful vistas, Utah is an ideal state for motorcycle riders. But like any state, Utah has its own set of unique laws that pertain to motorcyclists. For example, riders are required to wear a helmet regardless of age. But […]

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Winter Weather Driving Safety Tips

A chill in the air doesn’t just signal the approach of winter: it also signals that it’s time to prepare for cold or inclement weather on the road. While snow and ice can make driving dangerous, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get into a car accident. […]

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How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Firm for Your Case

Choosing a personal injury lawyer can be challenging after you sustained injuries from an accident. You may need help deciding which law firm will best represent you in court and win your case when many firms compete for your business. Knowing what to look for […]

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How Winter Coats Can Affect Car Seat Effectiveness

As the temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, every parent wants to make sure their child is protected from the low temperatures. However, protection from a chilly car interior doesn’t protect your child in a crash. Winter coats can make car seats far less […]

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