Electric scooters are small, lightweight, and highly maneuverable, making them ideal for traveling short distances in urban and suburban areas. Because of their convenience and speed, many people use them to get around town without having to walk or rely on a vehicle.

However, anyone who uses an electric scooter should be aware of the risks of riding them. They’re not toys, and riders can be seriously injured or even killed—including when they’re following all safety precautions.

Whether you’re considering buying or renting an electric scooter, keep these risks and possible injuries in mind.

The Biggest Risks Electric Scooter Riders Face Are:

  • Not Being Seen by Other Drivers: By far, the biggest risk that pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists face on the road is being hit by drivers who don’t see them. This same risk extends to scooter riders, too. People who ride scooters early in the morning, at night, in the rain or fog, and while wearing dark clothing face the highest risk of being struck by vehicles.
  • Loss of Control: In many areas, electric scooters can be purchased or rented without a license or training. However, that doesn’t make them foolproof or completely safe to ride. Safely riding an electric scooter requires coordination, balance, and good depth perception. Not all riders have the necessary skills or abilities to safely operate scooters, and when they don’t, they can be seriously injured.
  • Being Hit by Opening Vehicle Doors: Many scooter riders stick to the side of the road, especially in cities where they are banned on sidewalks. And because scooters are most common in dense urban and suburban areas, people riding scooters often ride close to parked vehicles. When drivers and passengers open their doors without checking their mirrors, they can open them directly in the path of scooter riders. This is called “dooring” and it can result in serious injuries.
  • Hazards on the Road: Most electric scooters are meant to be driven on flat and even surfaces. Because they have small, smooth wheels and no suspension, scooters aren’t designed to withstand riding over bumpy and slick surfaces, including fallen leaves, curbs, grates, and potholes. Accidents caused by road hazards are among the most common causes of scooter-related injuries.
  • Riding While Intoxicated or Impaired: Rental scooters are often placed in areas of cities with bustling nightlife. They’re frequently seen outside of restaurants, bars, concert venues, and nightclubs. Unfortunately, this convenience can come at a price, as placing scooters in these locations can attract people who are too intoxicated or impaired to ride them safely and responsibly.

The Most Common Injuries Scooter Riders Suffer Include:

  • Broken Bones: Scooter riders can suffer broken bones when they are thrown from their scooters due to collisions, loss of control, or riding over road hazards. It’s common for riders involved in accidents to break bones in their hands and arms, but riders run the risk of suffering broken bones anywhere in their bodies when they’re involved in crashes.
  • Head Injuries: Just as you should always wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle or bicycle, you should also always wear a helmet when you ride a scooter. However, helmets typically aren’t provided when riders rent scooters, and many people who ride scooters they own don’t wear helmets, either. Riding without a helmet puts riders at high risk of suffering skull fractures and even traumatic brain injuries during accidents.
  • Facial Injuries: Because of the standing position that electric scooters require, it’s common for riders to fall forward when they’re involved in accidents. Sometimes, they are unable to put their arms out to catch themselves as they fall. When riders can’t catch their falls, they can strike their heads on the pavement, asphalt, and other hard surfaces, resulting in serious facial and dental injuries—including chipped, broken, and even lost teeth.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: Electric scooter accidents put riders at a high risk of injuring muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and other soft tissue in their bodies. These injuries aren’t always noticeable at first, especially when the pain they cause is masked by shock and adrenaline. But hours or days later, victims may experience significant pain, immobility, and even disability as a result of their accidents.

Call Our Utah Personal Injury Lawyers After an Electric Scooter Accident

Despite their appearance and marketing, electric scooters aren’t toys. They demand attention, focus, and caution when riding to stay safe. Unfortunately, many safety-oriented riders still end up in emergency rooms every year because of hazards they couldn’t foresee or avoid.

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