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Big Rig Blind Spots: Sharing the Road Safely with Large Trucks

Driving alongside intimidating big rigs on the highway is an everyday reality for most drivers. These trucks are vital for transporting goods across the country, but they can also be the biggest risks on the road, particularly when it comes to their blind spots. According […]

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Spring’s Hidden Hazard: Understanding Potholes and Vehicle Damage Claims

When winter weather finally fades, the spring thaw begins to wreak havoc on the roads of states like Colorado and Utah. Thawing ice breaks down pavement, creating potholes that range from small nuisances to serious hazards capable of causing significant vehicle damage. America’s deteriorating roadways […]

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How Much Auto Insurance Do I Need in Utah?

Utah is a no-fault state, and every motor vehicle driver must carry auto insurance. Non-residents who use a vehicle in the state for part of the year must also have a minimum amount of auto insurance. If you get injured in a car accident in […]

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How to Document Your Injuries Accurately for an Insurance Claim

Accurately documenting your injuries is an important step when filing an insurance claim after an accident. The clarity and detail of your records can affect how insurance companies assess the extent of your injuries and calculate the compensation you deserve, influencing the outcome of your […]

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What To Look for in a Car Accident Lawyer: 5 Attributes

When you’re hurt in a car accident in Utah, the aftermath can be overwhelming. You’re dealing with injuries, insurance claims, and possibly a legal case. In such a situation, finding the right car accident injury lawyer is crucial. Thankfully, many car accident lawyers offer free […]

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