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Tips for Long Motorcycle Trips

Just picture it: you, your motorcycle, and nothing but the open road for days or weeks at a time. Long motorcycle trips like these can be both thrilling and relaxing; it’s no wonder motorcycling is a popular hobby and even a way of life for […]

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What Are Utah’s Texting and Driving Laws?

Originally posted on May 16, 2022. When the first mobile phones were introduced to consumers in the U.S., there were no laws on the books governing their use while driving. Today, 97% of Americans own a mobile phone, and drivers can be pulled over by […]

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The Most Dangerous Intersections in the Boise Area

Every day, residents of Boise, Idaho, navigate a complex network of roads and intersections. While most of these intersections are safe, some can be particularly dangerous for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. In this blog post, learn which intersections in Boise are statistically the most dangerous, […]

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How are Bill Collectors Handled When Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit?

While you’re in the middle of a car accident lawsuit, the last thing you want to think about is looming medical bills. However, hospital billing departments work quickly, and that means you may receive medical bills from the hospital that treated you after the accident […]

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How Is Pain and Suffering Evaluated after an Accident?

When someone is in a car accident, the first question they might ask themselves (after “Is everyone okay?”) is “How much will this cost me?” And while the primary costs, like medical bills, damages, and lost wages, can all be calculated with relative ease and […]

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